Postgraduate Student Information

Core sampling
Sean Waters taking cores of sediment
from Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere.
Photo: Jenny Webster-Brown

The Waterways Centre offers several postgraduate qualifications in Water Resource Management, through both the University of Canterbury and Lincoln University. These are designed to prepare you for a career as a water resource manager, researcher, advisor or consultant. A list of Waterways degrees is available in our brochure here (PDF, 800kb)

International students interested in undertaking postgraduate study through Waterways should first go through the admissions offices at the University of Canterbury, or Lincoln University.

Forms for current WCFM students are available here.

Postgraduate qualifications

Postgraduate Diploma: Consists of one year (F/T) of taught courses.
PGDip at the University of Canterbury
PGDip at Lincoln University

Master of Water Resource Management: Consists of one year (F/T) of taught courses (as for the PGDip, above), then a year undertaking a research thesis.
MWRM at the University of Canterbury
MWRM at Lincoln University

PhD in Water Resource Management: a three year programme of study, undertaking research of relevance to the effective management of freshwater resources, culminating in a PhD thesis.
PhD at the University of Canterbury
PhD at Lincoln University

The requirements for enrolling in each of these qualifications is listed on each University website. Ideas for Masters and PhD research topics can be discussed with Waterways staff at any time. You may have a research topic in mind, or you may consult the lists of suggested research topics.

Selecting courses for your degree

The postgraduate WATR courses form the core of a Postgraduate Diploma or a Master (Part I) in Water Resource Management. These are further described below.  In addition to the WATR courses you will need to take other courses in resource management, and can include courses that further your skills in your own particular area of expertise to make up a total of 120 points or credits.  For a description of how to structure your degree and electives to choose from, see the Recommended Course list, here (PDF, 246kb).  

The following links will take you directly to the course pages for WATR courses,  for both University of Canterbury and Lincoln University. 

WATR401: Advanced Water Resources
(University of Canterbury)

WATR601: Advanced Water Resources
(Lincoln University)
Semester 1
Freshwater resource definition, characterisation, use, and impacts of exploitation and their management or mitigation. This course is held at each campus in alternate years: in 2020 it will be held at Lincoln University.

WATR402: Water Quality and Quantity Assessment
(University of Canterbury)

WATR602: Water Quality and Quantity Assessment
(Lincoln University)

Semester 2
Quantification of freshwater resources and methods for environmental impact control and mitigation. A week-long block course (8:30 - 5:00 each day). In 2020 the coures will be held starting August 24 through August 28, at Lincoln University during midterm break. There will be some assessments and an exam scheduled later in Semester 2.
WATR403: Water Management, Policy and Planning
(University of Canterbury)

WATR603: Water Management, Policy and Planning
(Lincoln University)

Semester 2
Catchment management models and policy development/planning, within the context of environmental legislation. This course is held at the University of Canterbury.

WATR404: Water Special Topic (University of Canterbury)

WATR604: Water Special Topic (Lincoln University)

Semester 1
The special topic is only available to particular students as part of their study at the direction of the Director of Waterways.

WATR405: Research Methods and Communication (University of Canterbury)

WATR605: Research Methods and Communication (Lincoln University)

Semester 1
Available only to Water Resource Management postgrads, this course prepares students for undertaking a research thesis, covering how to communicate research results and information effectively in different forums and to different audiences. This course is held at each campus in alternate years; in 2020 it will be held at Lincoln University..

ENGE414: Applied Hydrogeology

Semester 1 (UC only)
Nature and occurrence of groundwater, various techniques for resource evaluation, contaminant transport issues, and a brief introduction to groundwater modelling.This course runs in term 2, Semester 1.

WATR690: Masters Thesis (UC)

WATR651: Masters Thesis (LU)
A 120 point research thesis

The Waterways Centre also advertises and provides scholarship opportunities for students.